Her eyes screamed the words “kiss me”

You should never have to live your life in fear

Tip-toeing around someone to keep them happy

Afraid that they might burst any minute

You just want someone to be there to protect you through life

To defend you if needs be

To be your provider and best friend

You just want love

Not fear,



You just want love!

If you feel trapped and that there’s no other option then you’re wrong!

You CAN establish a new life!

You must admit to yourself when you are in that state of fear

Act upon it!

Tell people!

Seek out help!


You have to be strong,

Regardless of how weak you may feel!

You are stronger than you believe

And you must keep up and prove that strength to yourself

For the sake of your life!

There’s a fantasy floating in the back of my mind

But I don’t want to turn it into a dream

I know it will stir up too much stress

It involves a girl, a boy and a white dress

It’s probably best left untouched



The bigger the dream, the harder the struggle

It’s lingering back there, though

The images in the distance

They seem so out of reach

But why do they always remain in sight?

Maybe they’re closer than they seem

Maybe it’s not just a girl, a boy and a dream

I just can’t do ‘simple’!

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You wouldn’t be here any longer if it wasn’t for God holding you in place.

Keep the faith, keep the faith!

Mmmmm the taste of sweet silence starts to become tasteless after brewing for too long

Lost and Found

I’m still lost … but hoping that one day I will be found

This box is still rather empty, still rather quiet, still rather lonesome

Hoping that it’ll get a little more full soon

Or maybe I’ll be collected

My owner should be missing me, no?

Let’s just hope he is

Too long stuck on your own sends the mind to wander

Let it wander too far and it’ll never come back

Let it wander too close and it’ll get bored

Let it wander just right and …

We’ll just see about that one … one day … we hope and pray

Is there something wrong with them or is there something wrong with you? - Either is possible!

It reaches the point where telling people won’t help anymore … No-one has the answers to your questions! You have to figure it out and make the decisions yourself with the help of God!

Only time can tell your answers


Bellaire Lake - Colorado - USA (von David Kingham)


Bellaire Lake - Colorado - USA (von David Kingham)


Spectacular starry nights by photographer Michael Shainblum

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