Bellaire Lake - Colorado - USA (von David Kingham)


Bellaire Lake - Colorado - USA (von David Kingham)


Spectacular starry nights by photographer Michael Shainblum

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Befriending or Tempting

I find it so easy to befriend them

It’s half due to attraction and half due to my open approach

Why do I have such an open approach?

When I foresee my own attraction, I subconsciously create a reason to approach, in my friendly manner

Then I proceed to talk, in my friendly manner

However, there is no difference between how I am with one I consider as a potential spouse and with one whom I wish to remain friends

I confuse myself and surely he must be confused

Once I have embarked on my befriending journey, I begin to focus my thoughts on the one I am considering

There is only one at a time, though

Each one lasts until I realise there is no hope

This varies in length

I want them all to remain as friends, though!

We shall go no further than friends until we are both sure it is right

The latter is yet to occur!

Yet I have chosen to abandon ship and sometimes they are still onboard

What is one to do then?

I do not wish to offend!

I simply wish to befriend!

This deck has been dealt so many times, though, and I am left feeling as the temptress.

Am I she?

I really wish not to be!

I simply want to be friendly but get caught up in my own friendliness and end up considering more

All track of reasoning behind my communication is lost

Am I simply being friendly or am I seeking to win a spouse?

Is that even temptation?

Only God can help me answer this and lead me down the correct path!


Jökulsárgljúfur by Snorri Gunnarsson


Jökulsárgljúfur by Snorri Gunnarsson


Seljalandsfoss by sotomeior on Flickr.

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